Board Members

The following is a list of your Lake Latoka Association board members and volunteers. We are always looking for new people to join!


Bruce Luehmann

President: Bruce Luehmann

633 W Latoka Dr SW

Tel: 320-219-7617 

Vice President: Rita Glieden

2909 Vonderheide Dr SW

Tel: 320-583-1584

Rita joined the Board of Directors in 2017 and has been re-elected for a second term.  She is very passionate about Lake Latoka and contributes to our lake environment in many ways.

Serving as the fish liaison to the Board and the Association, Rita works with Chris Block who coordinates with the DNR, the Viking Sportsman’s Club and Klug Fisheries for the walleye stocking of Lake Latoka.

To improve communication and inform boaters, Rita has updated the Aquatic Plant signs to make them more visible, has updated the sign boxes and Northern Pike Regulations at the North and South landings, and created signage to caution boaters during the Interstate 94 bridge construction project.

Rita assists with the Shoreline Restoration Cost Share Program and works with Paul Wheeler and Doug Kuelbs in the spring to place the loon nesting platforms on the lake.

Rita thoroughly enjoys lake life and believes we have a real treasure with Lake Latoka.  She is always there to encourage lake owners to respect what nature has provided and to take good care of our lake to preserve it for future generations.

Secretary: Bill Kahnke

1910 Firemen's Lodge Rd

Tel: 651-955-3500

Bill and his husband, David Tukua, have owned a home on Lake Latoka since 2010.  Bill recently retired as a certified public accountant with the Internal Revenue Service in St. Paul.  Since David has been retired for several years, the couple has now moved from the Twin Cities to their lake home full-time.  They enjoy canoeing, boating, and sunsets over the lake.  Kahnke joined the board to promote water clarity, shoreline preservation, and safety on the lake.

Paul WheelerTreasurer: Paul Wheeler

3023 Vonderheide Dr SW
Tel: 320-762-5332

Paul Wheeler and his wife, Donna, have had a seasonal cabin on Lake Latoka since 1980. In 2007 they made it their permanent residence. Paul retired as a Special Agent, with the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Criminal Investigation Division, after 25 years. They enjoy spending “lake time” with their two children, three grandsons, and two granddaughters. Paul is looking forward to serving on the LLPOA, getting to know more Lake Latoka residents, and helping to solve lake quality issues.

Doug KuelbsDoug Kuelbs

1092 Fireman’s Lodge Rd

Tel: 507-227-2718

Jan MahoneyJan Mahoney

1583 W Latoka Dr SW

Tel: 651-587-8009

Jan lives on the west side of Latoka and purchased her property in 1995. Jan spends much of her time with her six grandchildren and is known for creating and sewing their Halloween costumes every year. Besides sewing she loves to garden, read, hang out with friends and enjoy the lake. Jan's interest in serving on the Board stems from her desire to help maintain the quality of life on the lake.

Chad Swanson   

1051 W Latoka Dr SW

Tel: 320-760-3142

Chad and his wife, Sheila, purchased their lake home in the fall of 2013.  They have three adult children with ten grandchildren with all enjoying the lake every daylight hour. Chad has dealt with county, state boards and committees for years through his previous business and wants to keep involved with what happens in local decisions including the Lake Latoka Property Owners Association board.

Kathy Moen

2880 The Narrows Drive

Tel: 320-760-3936

Kathy lives with her husband Rich, on Narrows Drive on Little Latoka.  They bought their property in 1982 and enjoyed life at the cabin for thirty years until retiring and moving in full-time in 2009.

Kathy loves waking up on the lake every morning! Gardening, reading, golfing and boat rides are some of her favorite hobbies.  Since retiring, Kathy and Rich have not only enjoyed the lake, they have also enjoyed a life-long dream of traveling.

They are very proud of their three adult children and eight grandchildren, who all love coming to share a slice of paradise on Little Latoka.

Kathy is looking forward to serving on the LLPOA. She is excited to learn more about how to keep our lake healthy and also to meet more great Lake Latoka people!

Gene Olson

1756 Firemen's Lodge Rd

Tel: 320-219-6431

Gene was born in Alexandria at Our Lady of Mercy Hospital and grew up in Cyrus, the son of a blacksmith.  He attended the University of Minnesota, Morris and was promptly drafted upon graduating.  In 2005, after spending twenty-four years in the US army, Gene retired from the Army and in 2015, he retired from IBM in Boulder, Colorado.  His wife, Maureen was born and raised in Morris, Minnesota.  They were married in 1968 and are proud of their two children and two granddaughters. Gene brings great experience to the Board, having served as the President of their Home Owners Association in Erie, Colorado for 8 years.  In his spare time, he enjoys metal work and tinkering in his garage shop.  Gene and Maureen moved to Alexandria in 2017 and are happy to be back in their “homeland”.

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