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Lake Latoka Property Owners Assoc
P. O. Box 102
Alexandria, MN 56308

Board Meeting Minutes Sept 16 2015

LLPOA Board Meeting – Wednesday, September 16th, 2015, 7 PM at Barb Peterson’s

Board Members Present: Barb Peterson, Bruce Luehmann, Doug Ahrenstorff, Joni Norman, Harvey Kranzler, and Myrna Hunt. Absent: Eric Nelson and Doug Kuelbs.

Joni called the meeting to order.

1. Barb nominated Doug A for treasurer. Seconded by Bruce. Carried
2. Secretary’s Minutes from July meeting approved as written. Motion, Bruce. Seconded, Barb. Carried.
3. Treasurer’s Report –Harvey.
a. Fish Stocking Balance $ 8,481.90 CD#1 $ 3,902.82
b. General Usage $ 4,554.61 CD#2 $21,926.76
c. Total in Checking $13,036.51

4. Bills: Joni Annual meeting and stamps $84.25 Barb-Picnic $176.59 Quality Printing $730.18 newsletter. Doug A made motion to pay. Seconded by Myrna. Passed.

5. Old Business: Picnic at Firemen’s Lodge, Sept 12th. About 58 attended. Suggested we order 72 hamburgers and buns next year. Changing date? Lodge not available between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

6. Wake Zone Markers: Bruce has checked into it. Chain too short for the one north of bridge. Sheriff’s Dept’s Windhurst told him no regulations. Bruce will contact Dave Rush and go from there. Will contact people by Narrows when he gets information.

7. Sediment Pond: Not cleaned out yet. Joni will contact Jim Stratton. No luck with Steve Henry.

8. Let’s Go Fishing: Jim Eveslage has been working with them re: when they come to Latoka after being in other lakes. Doug wonders why we are concerned about them.

9. Tax Exempt Status: Joni went to CPA/Luke. He filed extension until November. Doug A. will check into it.

10. Native Planting: Replacements will go in yet this fall. Woodchips will be put in then.

11. Directory: Rita sent a note saying she is working on it. Will be for 2016. Sue will submit the list of members to Quality after the list is updated again.

12. Newsletter-Rita wants ideas from board.

13. New Business:
*Buffer Zone Meeting: Joni attended. Buffer zone needs to be 30 feet from public water. Buffers need to be in by 2017. Takes land out of production. No enforcement.
*Lake Latoka Lake and Watershed Strategic Plan was handed out by Myrna. A planning committee was established in 1994 but they never completed the plan. Karen Cook, former LLPOA board member and our DCLA rep for many years has been encouraging us to finish it. We need to review it and set the short term and long term goals. Myrna will contact Marilyn Bayerl, a local water specialist, to see if she could help us and what the cost would be for doing it. We have our 2014 survey completed to help us with the plan.
*Lake Protection: Joni passed out several articles from the newspapers.

14. Meeting night: We will try the first Tuesday of the month. (November-election night so will do it 2nd Tues), Nov. 10th, 7 PM at Bruce’s home 633 W. Latoka Drive.

Adjournment: Barb made the motion. Seconded by Harvey. Carried.

Respectfully Submitted, Myrna Hunt, Secretary