Douglas County Sheriff’s Water Patrol

The Douglas County Sheriff is responsible for the safety and regulations concerning our
county’s waterways. He appoints special water patrol deputies to do this. They promote
safe boating, answer boat distress calls, investigate boating complaints and crashes. They
also conduct boating and water safety education and are available to give water safely
educational talks and presentations. Water Patrol Deputies are trained and licensed
peace officers. The Douglas County Water Patrol units operates under the directive of
Sergeant Greg Windorst. The water patrol unit has three full-time seasonal deputies.
They are on duty every day from the Fishing Opener to Labor Day. Early in the boating
season, Water Patrol Deputies place over 80 navigational and water hazard buoys in our
The water patrol has recently clarified some of their rules and regulations and put them
on-line for easy access. I Googled “Douglas County Sheriff’s Water Patrol” and found
the site easy to use. There even is a permit form which can be completed on line or
copied, completed and taken to the sheriff’s office. You can reach the water patrol by e-
mailing: or by calling 762-8151. Contrary to what a
recently mailed publication said, you do NOT need a permit for a dock or boat lift. Other
than those two items, almost everything else that is on the lake needs a permit. Gary
Deick has copies of the permit regulations.
Submitted by: Karen Cook

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