Fall Reminders for Latoka owners

Just a couple reminders for all of us in this busy fall season.

Many have already removed docks and boat lifts and others will be coming out soon. No doubt you will find zebra mussels on your equipment. Give them a few days to die and then brush the mussels off. Please do not put the equipment back into the water in the spring with the mussels still attached. Researchers tell us that zebra mussels are cannibalistic. Letting them fall back onto the lake bottom just provides for population growth.

Leaves are falling fast. Please do not rake or blow leaves into the lake. Mother nature will take care of putting enough of them in the lake without your help. Leaves add nutrients to the lake which will lead to unwanted algae growth. As the algae dies and decomposes it uses up lake oxygen that fish and native plants need. Please avoid placing leaves in the lake. Use alternatives such as composting, mulching leaves into your garden, or taking leaves to a compost site. Here is a great article from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency – ‘Don’t let leaves litter lakes’. https://www.pca.state.mn.us/living-green/dont-let-leaves-litter-lakes

Thanks Everyone! Have a great fall!