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Lake Latoka Property Owners Assoc
P. O. Box 102
Alexandria, MN 56308

January 5 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

LLOPA Board Meeting Minutes for January 5, 2016 @Doug Kuelb’s Home

President Joni called the meeting to order.

Members Present: Doug K., Doug A, Barb, Joni, Myrna. Harvey was late. Bruce (joined us at New Business via face time). Absent: Eric Nelson. Guest: Rita Kuelbs.

Minutes from Nov. 10th meeting: Motion by Doug K to accept as printed. Seconded by Doug A. Treasurer’s Report: Balance on Dec. 21, 2015: $10,101.76. CD#1$21,926.76. CD#2 $3,918.43.

Bills Paid: Postmaster $82., Clifton Larson Allen-$372., Sue Orpen $19.60, GTA Access-$150. Myrna Hunt-$107.35, Bob Willert $338.75, Quality Printing-$988.09.

Bills Due: Klug’s Fish Farm-$5,000., Auto Owners-$301. Doug A-$20 (paper & ink), Myrna H.-$13.12 (postage for Management Plan).
Lengthy discussion re: fish stocking. Doug A reported fish stocking from 2014 was $2, 835 and from 2015 $2900, with the total in fish stocking $5,735, with very little left in that account. He stated if we only have $735 more people will donate. Myrna stated we’ve always had a balance in FS that carried over from the previous years. According to the info we had at the meeting, Barb came up with $3,481.90 in FS. Myrna moved that we accept that number. Seconded by Barb.
Doug plans to have Donna Jensen as our accountant. Gary Deick has volunteered to help us. Doug asked Myrna to get SS# for Bob Willert for 1099 (don’t need if less than $600).

The treasurer’s report was approved with the exception of the above motion by Harvey, and seconded by Myrna.
Old Business: A. Wake Zone: Bruce reported he had left messages for the residents on Little Latoka. The board will not take a position. They can make the contacts themselves.

B. Sediment Pond: It’s not done yet. Frustrating because the money is there for it. Comes up at every DCLA meeting, Joni said.

C. Directory & Newsletter: Rita reported that they are done. Doug A. reported that 5 were returned. He hand delivered. Myrna suggested we get some copies made with the zip codes listed. It is a tool we need for tent caterpillars, etc. Doug K. moved we do 12 copies. Rita will contact Quality. Rita says we should change the phone number for sheriff and WP in directory to 762-8151. Rita would like info for April newsletter by end of January. Bruce will do an article on lake restrictions from DNR. Harvey will do article on rip rap.

D: LL Management Plan-Doug A, Doug K, Harvey, and Bruce met and have made some necessary changes (reformatting, grammatical errors, etc) and updating it. Said it is fairly complete. Set goals and plan a strategy: lake quality, fisheries, wildlife, invasive species, effective communications. They feel it doesn’t need to be so big. Delete by laws, since they need to be reviewed and revised. It’s a work in progress.

E: File E card: Needs to be filed before May 15th, 2016. Need the P & L statement from annual meeting.

F. Domain registration—our name—done by Greg Peterson.

New Business:
A. Annual Meeting: Saturday, April 30th, 9 AM at La Grand Town Hall. Myrna checked with Kelly Bielke for dates. Need to send $75 for the hall. (Check made out/Myrna filled out form and mailed it). Agenda/Guest Speakers. Myrna had contacted Jeff Forester/MN Lakes and Rivers and Brian Bausmann/MNDOT to see if they would be available. Board agreed to have them as guest speakers. Also, Dick Bromley from Town board will be contacted by Myrna. Bruce will address the Lake Management Plan and Water Safety. Ask Greg to report on fish stocking. Doug A will give Greg the new data from DNR. We will discuss door prize, refreshments at next meeting.

B. DCLA: Joni reported Lake Vermont gravel pit passed with restrictions. Sediment pond as reported above. Ordinances are a county problem not a lake problem.

C. Clean Water Committee: they are in process of getting it set up with representation from lake associations, etc.

D. President’s Position will be open after annual meeting. Joni said her husband has health issues, so she will be stepping down. Barb and Myrna’s terms are completed. Harvey has agreed to stay on for now. Doug K. suggested that each board member contact 2 people for board positions before next meeting.

Next Meeting: March 9th, 2016, 7 PM at Myrna Hunt’s. (Date change due to Caucus Night and Election Day previous Tuesday’s)
Myrna moved that meeting be adjourned. Seconded by Harvey.

Respectfully submitted by Myrna Hunt, Secretary.