Board Meeting Minutes – March 6, 2017

Eric Nelson home


Call to Order:

President Eric Nelson called the meeting to order.  In addition to President Nelson, board members in attendance were, Doug Ahrenstorff, Chris Block, Doug Kuelbs, and Paul Wheeler.  Bruce Luehmann was present throughout the entire meeting by telephone contact.  Also present was Rita Kuelbs, the Newsletter Editor.

Minutes of last meeting:

Minutes from the January 9, 2017, Board meeting were reviewed.  Doug Ahrenstorff made a motion to approve the minutes and Doug Kuelbs seconded the motion.  The motion was approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer Doug Ahrenstorff presented the Treasurer’s Report as of March 6, 2017.  Bills paid included $316.00 to Auto Owners for the Association’s liability insurance and $75.00 to LaGrande Township for rental of the Township Hall for the upcoming annual LLPOA meeting.  Bills received and due include $120.00 to GTA ($100 for Web Site upgrade and $20 for annual renewal).  Also due is $200.00 for membership renewal to the Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates.  Approval for this particular bill was deferred until after discussion under New Business later during this meeting.  The report shows a total balance in the checking account of $8,614.42 and CD balances of $26,114.01, for a total balance of $34,728.43.
Doug Kuelbs made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report and Chris Block seconded the motion.  The motion was approved.

Old Business:

Newsletter update      Rita Kuelbs discussed her plans for the upcoming newsletter, as follows:

*If available room, she will include an article relating to the minutes of the last LLPOA annual meeting and will need to contact Secretary Connie Reuss to obtain that information.

*She would like to write about the loon nests that the LLPOA sets out on Lake Latoka.  Rita believes that someone is taking over the current loon coordinator position from Brian Reynolds, and she will contact him for further information.  She will also contact the DNR to obtain information on numbers of loon nests that Lake Latoka can support.

*Bruce Leuhmann will submit an article to Rita on the I94 bridge update from MNDOT.

*Chris Block should submit articles on the fish stocking plans, the face book page, and the recent mobile friendly web page.

*Gary Deick will provide an article on the sediment pond update.

*Rita would also like to include an article from Doug Ahrenstorff regarding the recent trash strewn around the public access on Big Latoka.

*An article regarding the “dos and do nots” of lake shore alterations by Douglas County Land and Resource Management Director, Dave Rush.

*Eric Nelson will submit an article pertaining to the importance of the LLPOA and its accomplishments.

*The newsletter should mention the new Board of Directors positions opening soon.  The terms of President Eric Nelson and Harvey Kranzler will be expiring.   There is a possibility that Gary Deick’s position will be open, since he initially agreed to a one year extension.

Any articles should be submitted to Rita no later than March 15, 2017.

There was a discussion regarding mailing newsletters to residents of Riley’s addition since several of them donated to the “water quality fund” during the sediment pond dredging.  Eric Nelson will attempt to obtain the names and addresses of those residents through Dave Rush.  In addition, consideration should be given to soliciting LLPOA membership from those residents who live in the housing development near the big Latoka public landing, since they have lake access.   This topic will be discussed in more detail at the next meeting.

There was discussion regarding adding an extra category to the annual LLPOA membership dues.  Some members may be interested in contributing additional money to the Association, separate from the fish stocking fund.   It could be labeled “extra donation” to the LLPOA.  Details will be discussed during a future meeting.

Sediment pond update

President Eric Nelson reported that checks have been sent to Gary Deick from the Soil and Water District for their share (75%) of sediment pond dredging and from Douglas County Lakes Association for their share (25%).  The DCLA has sent two checks, one for 25% less $1,000, and another check for $1,000.  Gary has forwarded the checks to the excavator, except for the $1,000 check which is to be mailed to the excavator upon completion of the contract by June 1, 2017.

Social media update

Chris Block reported that there are now 75 people signed up for the Face Book page.    Chris can post on the Web site information regarding recent thefts that have occurred on Latoka.

Annual LLPOA meeting

The annual meeting is set for May 6, 2017, from 9:00 am until 11:00 am, at the LaGrand Town Hall.  Bruce Luehmann reported that MNDOT representative Brian Bausman will be present to give an I94 bridge update.  Chris Block reported that a DNR representative has been contacted to give a presentation on fish stocking plans and their lake management ideas, but they have not responded.   President Eric Nelson reported that invites have been extended to the LaGrand Township Board members and to County Commissioner Jim Stratton.


New Business:

Liability Insurance

Bruce Luehmann brought forward the idea that consideration should be given to obtaining Errors and Omission insurance for LLPOA Board of Director members.  His contact with an insurance agent suggested that the cost would be approximately $450.00 per year.  More details will be presented at the next Board meeting (April 10).

Lakes and Rivers Advocates

A discussion was held on whether the LLPOA should renew our membership in the Lakes and Rivers Advocates.  It was pointed out that the renewal fee is $200, since the LLPOA membership is under 300 people.  The benefits of membership, or lack thereof, were discussed.  Bruce Luehmann made a motion to renew our membership for another year.  Eric Nelson seconded the motion.  The motion passed.

Motion to adjourn

Doug Ahrenstorff made a motion to adjourn.  Chris Block seconded the motion.  The motion passed.

Next Board meeting

The next LLPOA Board of Directors meeting was set for April 10, 2017, at 7:00 pm at the home of Doug Kuelbs, 1092 Fireman’s Lodge Road.  Agenda items for this meeting include; Errors and Omission insurance, final plans for the annual meeting, media scrub, final newsletter draft, and discussion of a possible new major project.


Submitted by Paul Wheeler, acting Secretary.